Cash register etiquette?

April 9, 2010 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

Most people are familiar with the Express Lane in grocery stores (and with 10-items-or-less rule breakers!), but I sometimes wonder if this concept could be expanded to non-grocery store locations. For example, when I go to get coffee in the morning, there is a clear divide between (1) regulars who order the same thing everyday and practically always have exact change, (2) non-regulars who are still ready to pay right away, and (3) inefficient people who are not ready to pay at all. If I seem a bit perturbed, it’s because I’ve recently been caught behind a series of #3’s.

Lately I’ve been wondering how a store could practically implement a structure similar to the “swim lane etiquette” found at many gyms and rec centers, with specified lanes for “slow,” “medium,” and “fast.”

April 9’s daily design idea is how would you design these “speed lanes” in your local retail spot?


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Room for improvisation. “Century Green.”

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