The heritage of an emoticon.

July 1, 2010 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever thought about why you type emoticons the way that you do? Wikipedia can’t tell you why, but it can tell you (by geographic region) what the most popular ways are to smile, hug, disapprove, and more in the language of text.

Along the same lines: After seeing the Talk Text shower curtain pictured above, one writer at Core77 wondered if anthropologists of the future will “assemble the curtain right-side-up, puzzle out that these are facial expressions, and conclude that all humans of our era had our heads tilted at 90 degrees to the left.”

July 1′s daily design idea is even small everyday actions (like the way you type a smiley face) can be considered design choices.


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Keeping it in the (furniture) family. Bingo: Fine Print

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