Shades of identity.

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Some people have multiple identities. Furniture designer, family man, former tour manager, and heavy music connoisseur Jeremy Pickett of Red Hook Brooklyn NY, discovered the alter ego of Abbath Doom Occulta, one of the founding members of the metal band Immortal, on a trip through Europe a couple years ago. Abbath is a world renowned black metal musician, but Olve Eikemo (Abbath’s non-stage name) is a part-time babysitter in Os, Norway. While staying in a local hotel in this beautiful and tiny town about twenty minutes outside of Bergen, Jeremy found out  with growing excitement that Olve is known locally as a trusted care taker and advertised as having great references. Too bad Jeremy fully explained his enthusiasm for a childless night out to his wife, or he could have had an extreme metal musician taking care of his daughter. (As a side note, Dominik “The Dominator” Hašek was also staying at the hotel!)

In New York City, the members of a band called God Ox have dubbed themselves high priests of the Church of Ox. They’ve even articulated Ox Commandments. When the priests aren’t head banging to the death, they earn daytime wages as cab drivers, philosophy professors, and music tutors. And they love Pinkberry almost as much as they love doom metal.

God Ox at a July 2010 show / photo by Robert Deitmaring

As more brands, rock bands, and average Joe’s  fight to be heard, striking the perfect note in the appropriate context becomes increasingly significant. Sometimes this means being ready with different identities for performances, for business, for your hometown, for whatever arenas in which you are playing an active role. About five years ago, TrendWatching noted that “Creating one’s own (virtual) YOUNIVERSE and multiple identities in cyberspace is no problem at all.” It’s time to realize that celebrities, musicians, and other performers aren’t the only ones who can embrace the possibilities of multiple identities in real space as well.

July 3’s daily design idea is embrace the opportunity to design shades of your identity.


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