Color-based games for the color-impaired.

July 7, 2010 at 4:03 pm Leave a comment

Estimates usually hover around 5-10% when it comes to how many people in the world are currently colorblind. That’s actually a fairly significant chunk of the population, and luckily some game designers get that (though apparently not the developers for Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis).

I happen to know two games that are highly reliant on color that also include colorblind settings for most platforms: Flood-It by LabPixies and Peggle by gaming top dog Pop-Cap. What’s even better is that they’re both super fun games, whether you’re colorblind or not!

screen captures from Flood-It 2 for iPhone, in standard and colorblind modes

Wondering what your video game or other online design will look like to someone who’s colorblind? Chrometric software is a free download that will show you.

July 7’s daily design idea is when working in visual media, remember that not everyone sees the same way that you do.


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