Nomadic shelter.

July 9, 2010 at 8:55 am 1 comment

A lot of the writing and dialogue about modern temporary housing is rooted in disaster relief, but I’m interested in broadening the discussion to also include travelers, people in the military, the homeless, and the otherwise nomadic.

There are several amazing projects currently being conceptualized and tested at the moment for these varied, but fundamentally similar, styles of living:

Stephanie Bellanger‘s Moving Mini House is a “252 degree” system of modular living spaces that can be folded up and attached to the back of your car. The super-efficient Exo, the base product of the Reaction Housing System, is flat-packed and designed so that “a small team of 4 people can easily move and assemble a single Exo shelter unit in well under two minutes with no tools or machinery needed.” Core77 challenged designers to come up with original proposals for pop-up emergency shelters in an hour, while Sukkah City is a competition in New York that culminates this September with the installation of 12 interpretations of a sukkah, “an ephemeral, elemental shelter, erected for one week each fall, in which it is customary to share meals, entertain, sleep, and rejoice.”

My favorite nomadic project at the moment, however, is probably the buBbLe house.

watch the set-up of this buBbLe house; photo by Héctor Fernández Santos-Díez

via Inhabitat (September 22, 2009):

“This inventive housing alternative is the result of a design collaboration between the office of MMAS and architect-artist Cipriano Chas. The design team aimed to develop a prototype of a non-permanent house simple enough to be transported by any means, while at the same time providing its inhabitants with basic contemporary comforts in any context.”

“The buBbLe Prototype was designed to be an independent living facility, nomadic and flexible, that allows the occupants to respond to diverse environmental contexts within a given amount of time. In particular, the designers envision that these units could change a city’s social fabric for the better when erected within underused urban areas for the use of the newly arrived, or displaced, as a comfortable way to transition into the city.”

July 9’s daily design idea is temporary housing can be incredibly joyful, too.


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