From fences to interfaces.

November 17, 2010 at 3:54 pm Leave a comment

While construction usually leads to more beautiful, safer, better performing, and overall improved environments, being around it mid-process can be far from positive. And the necessary fences that contain all the disruption definitely don’t add any value, which is a hugely missed opportunity.

The good news? People want to change that. Noa Biran and Roy Talmon have installed an interactive fence made out of shutters to replace “standard corrugated fence on construction sites” in Bat-Yam, Israel according to Arch Daily. The project is part of Timing 2010, this year’s Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, which focuses on exploring “the occasionally tense relationships between the city’s attempt to create order through long-term plans, and the everyday chaos that is the product of that process.”

images by Noa Biran and Roy Talmon, via Arch Daily

Closer to home, the Department of Buildings and the Department of Cultural Affairs (with support from The Rockefeller Foundation) just finished hosting a contest “to develop creative artwork for construction fences, sidewalk sheds, supported scaffolds and cocoons in New York City.” Four finalists were chosen in the urbancanvas Design Competition, resulting in four artwork packages being created for “building owners to reproduce on temporary protective structures on or over City property.” Susanna Sirefman, urbancanvas competition advisor, says the designs “promise not only to mitigate the visual impact of construction sites but to delight, engage, and inspire the passerby while fostering safety and maintenance throughout the city,” in a recent Design Trust blog post.

The winning designs are “Green Screen” by Corinne Ulmann, “Color Mesh” by Mauricio Lopez, “My Urban Sky” by Jen Magathan, and “BREATHING_WALL_UC” by Monika Bravo, via

November 17’s daily design idea is disruptive construction will always happen in the built environment; design solutions for the disruption should too.


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I impulse purchased my way into a 28,000 person art project. Sketch-tastic.

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