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December 17, 2010 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of efficiency in the design process, but straight-shooting creative geniuses seem to be few and far between. To honor the ones that do exist, here are some fun examples of to-the-point creativity and design:

1. State of the Obvious (S/O/T/O)
State of the Obvious is a collection of apparel and products is by Mash Creative, a British branding and design studio. The line’s visual identity is based on extraordinarily direct communication, a rather underrepresented approach in most consumer markets right now. Pieces from the S/O/T/O collection are available to buy from:,, and

2. Bad British Architecture
Here on Daily Design Idea, I like to share and celebrate successes in the design world (as well as information and ideas that could lead to more successes!), but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get a kick out of Bad British Architecture, written (semi-)anonymously by a blogger who proclaims “I hate how noone ever talks about how bad British architecture really is. I hate the bastards who make these buildings. So here I am, taking the piss out of them.” I don’t always agree with BBA, but the writing is pretty hysterical. The most recent project featured (which, from the pictures, does seem rather bad) is The Blade by Sheppard Robson.

image via Flickr user kpmarek

3. Good Fucking Design Advice
The site’s motto is “Because sometimes, being your own worst critic is not enough.” It’s literally just pages of tough love and funny-cause-it’s-true advice. And if all the f-bombs feel a bit intense, you could always try switching to “Family Fucking Friendly” mode.

December 17’s daily design idea is don’t let your work get over-designed or overly complicated. Check Occam’s razor for more along those lines.


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Peters and Hansen ring in BBDO Minneapolis’ 80th. The Grand Palais is a grand favori.

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