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From the archives: Becoming the designer that you want to be.

As a blogger, you hear comments like “the ‘average blog’ has the lifespan of a fruitfly” all the time. And unfortunately, many people do abandon new blogs before they return significantly on their time investments. While I admit that I have not hit my “daily” writing goal by a long shot, I’m still very proud to say that I’ve kept up this blog for two years now. And it’s led to some exciting connections and discoveries that have definitely made the whole thing worth it.

adorable image by Flickr user nappent

Two year’s ago today I wrote the following post to kick off this blog. Even though I’m now off the design track in my career (and more onto a research-like track), the post is still very relevant:

I’ve been thinking design ideas for years now… and have been toying with archiving them for almost as long. When I read GOOD’s “Ten Steps to Becoming the Designer You Want to Be” by Laura Seargeant Richardson, I decided to (metaphorically) make the leap and (actually) start a blog.

March 12′s design idea is get your ideas out of your head – get them out onto paper, on a blog, in a sketch, through conversation. Start working through them (and then get someone else involved!). I believe that great design always involves inquiry, brainstorming, and collaboration. That’s what this blog is for, and hopefully it really will help me become the designer that I want to be.


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My 16 new (admittedly some are not-so-new) professional crushes.

Two days ago, Behance’s 99% announced the speaker line-up for the 2012 version of their annual conference (a haven for practical creatives all over the world). Normally I would feel a bit guilty teasing everyone about this conference, which sold out almost instantly, but 99% (and many audience members) did a great job last year of live tweeting things. Just keep an eye out for #99conf on May 3rd and 4th!

image from Cool Hunting

Without further ado, the 16 speakers at this year’s 99% conference:

image from Primed

And yes, I went ahead and made a list of speakers on Twitter, so that you can learn to love them like I do.

March 9’s daily design idea is keep an eye (publicly) on the people you admire most. As social media becomes increasingly pervasive in professional settings, there are ever more opportunities for everyone to engage with their inspirations.

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The blogs (and sites) we spend the most time with.

In honor of this special Leap Day, I’ve taken a close look at the blogroll and updated it based on Daily Design Idea’s ever evolving focus.

A big welcome to our newbies:
The 99 Percent
The Designers Accord
Public Interest Design

Hope you enjoy!

February 29’s daily design idea is many people have spoken and written on the fact that people tend to be a mix of the individuals they spend the majority of their time with. In the internet age, the same could probably be said for the websites you visit. On which sites do you spend most of your time?

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Congrats to the winners of the 2012 SEED Competition!

via (January 27, 2012):

“The 6 winning projects along with 13 honorable mentions were selected from a field of 45 submissions from 14 countries. According to the press release, ‘The award winners and honorable mentions…offer tangible evidence of how design is effectively playing a role in addressing the most critical issues around the globe…Each project team carefully identified a community’s needs and priorities, then maximized the use of resources to strategically address these.'”

Announced last month by the SEED Network, the following six projects have been selected as winners of this year’s SEED Competition (images above begin at upper left and go clockwise):

Bancroft School Revitalization, Kansas City, Missouri. Team includes BNIM Architecture + Planning, Dalmark Development and Management Group, Make it Right, Green Impact Zone, Historic Manheim Park Association, JE Dunn Construction, and Truman Medical Group.

Owe’neh Bupingeh Preservation Plan and Rehabilitation, Ohkay Owingeh, New Mexico. Team includes Atkins Olshin Schade Architects and The Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority.

Grow Dat Farm, New Orleans, Louisiana. Team includes Tulane University City Center, Grow Dat Youth Farm, and New Orleans City Park.

Escuela Ecologica Saludable Initiative: Parque Primaria, Lima, Peru. Team includes University of Washington (Department of Landscape Architecture, Department of Global Health, School of Forest Resources, Global Health and Environment Fellows), Architects Without Borders- Seattle, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos/ Fundacion San Marcos, Escuela Pitagorus #8183, COPASED de Zapalla, and Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar Jorge Alarcon.

Nyanza Maternity Hospital, Nyanza, Rwanda. Team includes MASS Design Group, UNICEF, Rwandan Ministry of Health, Transsolar Kilma Engineering, Nyanza Hospital Administration

Maria Auxiliadora School, Los Calderones, Peru. Team includes Architecture for Humanity, Happy Hearts Fund, ING-INTEGRA Peru, Maria Auxiliadora School, Los Calderones Community, Tate Municipality.

The winning teams will present their projects in just over a month at this year’s Structures for Inclusion conference, being held at the University of Texas at Austin. See you there!

February 22’s daily design idea is celebrate your industry’s accomplishments, and eventually others will too.

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The AIA steps up to disaster relief.

via the American Institute of Architects (February 7, 2012):

‘The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Architecture for Humanity announced a strategic partnership to coordinate advocacy, education, and training that helps architects make effective contributions to communities preparing for, responding to, and rebuilding after disaster. The partnership is focused on providing resources so more architects can utilize their skills in disaster response environments and better serve as leaders in their community.”

More here and here.

Feburary 17’s daily design idea is announce it, and you might just do it. (Kind of like me calling my blog “daily” in order to encourage more regular writing!)


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Happy 2012! (and the upcoming re-launch…)

First of all, happy new year! I hope it’s a healthy, happy, and prosperous year for each of you.

photo by Flickr user Creativity103

Second of all, get ready for a re-launch of Daily Design Idea. Because one of the commitments I’m making this year is to get back into a regular pattern of blogging.


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via Fast Company’s Co.Design (March 7, 2010):

Design and innovation consultancy IDEO “announced today that it would spin off a genuine 501c3 corporation to handle its social innovation practice.” The new “non-profit,, which will officially launch in the fall, will be in a better position to get grants from foundations whose rules make working with for-profit companies difficult.”

While IDEO has a history of doing projects with social impact priorities, “the new organization will aim to work in three different ways: partnering with non-profits to design solutions to problems in the areas of health, agriculture, water and sanitation, financial services, and gender equity; using open innovation platforms and social networking to share insights on best practices; and launching a year-long “future leaders” fellowship program that will pair fellows from the developing world with selected IDEO staffers.”

But will these new approaches be as successful as everyone hopes? IDEO plans to set the bar high for which projects even get picked up, and then be the first to find out if there is a real and positive impact made. “Projects themselves will have to meet a rigorous set of standards: they’ll have to be aimed at low income communities across the globe, be funded by a non-profit enterprise, and deliver tangible results — a real product, service, or system that will directly benefit the community it targets.” In addition, “there will be a huge emphasis on understanding impact,” says the head of IDEO’s Social Innovation domain, Jocelyn Wyatt. “We’ll conduct pre-project baseline surveys, do post-project evaluations, and bring in academics or other third parties for analysis of the results.”

March 10’s daily design idea is professional piece of advice #6: document and analyze your results.

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