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Wheeled furniture.

I’ve recently come across some wheeled furniture lately, and I can’t decide whether or not I’d be able to stop worrying about them disastrously rolling into something. From least to most fear-inducing, they are:

Marcel Breuer’s f 41 lounge on wheels

Gae Aulenti’s Tavolo con Ruote

David Garcia Studio’s Archive II

December 14’s daily design idea is how much (if at all) do you worry about the predictability of your furniture?

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Other fun bookcase and storage designs.

In case yesterday’s post didn’t provide you with enough exquisite bookcase design, here are some more projects that we thought were particularly fun:

Infinity Bookcase by Job Koelewign; via Gizmodo

New York Times Style Magazine‘s Spring 2008 Cover; via Bookcase Porn

all three above designed by Vincent Thomas Leman; via Furniture Store Blog

July 26′s daily design idea is what does the design of a bookcase say about the books that it holds, if anything?

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Geographically-based bookcases.

Inspired by Smånsk‘s design for Vagabond’s new travel book store in Stockholm (pictured left / photo by Carl Kleiner; discovered thanks to Dezeen), graphic designer/metal manipulator extraordinaire Ross Connard and I have been collaborating on a design of our own.

I’ve been calling it the Stuyvesant Street Bookcase, named after the street where I first met Quentin Regos, but that’s only a working title. In fact, any benefactor who wishes to back the fabrication of this design can have it named after them!

Below is some of the preliminary project work:

initial concept by Gisela Garrett

physical mock-up and construction method analysis by Ross Connard

July 25′s daily design idea is the physical settings of memorable moments are worth celebrating. Why not celebrate with a piece of design work?

July 25, 2010 at 3:47 pm 1 comment

Why not… make some furniture?

Hopefully my recent posts on furniture have made you think about how you could create some pieces yourself, so here are some more inspirations for you to peruse (as if newspaper benches, Panda bear chairs, and milk crate chandeliers weren’t enough):

Pawel Grunert‘s SIE43 chair

Annie the shopping trolley chair; Balloona Side Table; a Cartonniste bookshelf

You should also check out this fantastic how-to article in Popular Mechanics, which breaks down how one girl used an old bike to make a snazzy, spinning coffee table. If you’re slightly hesitant to go for it alone and happen to be New York-based, you could also take a class called How to Make Crappy Stuff Awesome at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. And then maybe one day you too will be selling gorgeous tables for over 3,000 pounds.

May 5’s daily design idea is try using your junk to furnish your home. After all, good-looking recycled furniture doesn’t only have to be made for Milan Design Week.

May 5, 2010 at 11:13 pm 2 comments

Impractical but stunning design.

I usually think about design in terms of beautiful but practical solutions, but sometimes my thoughts seem almost exclusively driven by aesthetics (or, on the flip side, exclusively by technical functions). A lot of light isn’t great for books, so I don’t think I’d use it in one of my designs, but the staircase in House Antero de Quental by architect Manuel Maia Gomes is still amazingly gorgeous:

photo by Fernando Guerra

More photos of the house, plus other really beautiful work, can be seen on Dezeen.

March 24’s daily design idea is where do you fall in the never-ending debate of form vs. function?

March 24, 2010 at 9:47 pm 2 comments

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