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For all the other stressed out, color-loving folks out there.

Even though I know it would fall dangerously close to the “novelty” end of the furniture spectrum, I can’t get Outdoorz Gallery’s super fun Anti Stress Chair out of my mind. It’s colorful and interactive, yet still impressively simple. I also generally appreciate the application of a familiar item (such as a stress ball) in a novel manner (such as becoming a component of a chair).

Thanks to Design Milk for the discovery (and the image).

March 3’s daily design idea is what common object could you reappropriate for furniture?


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Fredrik Färg’s “slow fashion” furniture.

Also too good not to share…  I’m a huge fan of the (gorgeous) final products and of the impressively low-waste process. From the designer’s website:

RE:cover – Bespoke dresses for old chairs.
“The project looks to the beauty of those shapes that never change. Fredrik takes his inspiration from classic tailoring, such as suits and dinner jackets that never go out of style. By using old chairs from flea markets and removing the backrest, replacing it with a new textile dress/structure of mouldable polyester felt, he is creating “slow fashion” furniture, giving the old chairs a new glance.”

These extremely unique and, understandably, limited edition chairs are by Studio Fredrik Färg.  They are created from finding existing chairs and giving them “a new cover of 100% recyclable polyester felt.”

To see another great low-waste chair design – coincidentally also in felt – check out Fox & Freeze‘s ff1 chair.

March 14’s daily design idea is recycling is sexy.

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Design Exercise: Pink Zebra

At my day job, we’ve been doing a lot of research on interior furnishings this past month, so I’ve been subconsciously thinking a lot more about interior design and decoration than I normally would. In honor of this, I wanted to share a few conceptual combinations that I’ve been playing around with.

First up is Pink Zebra!

the inspiration

the combination

the components: La Lampe Gras (No. 214) by Holly Hunt, Strut Medium Table from Blu Dot, chair from Think Black Line by Nendo

On a side note, I don’t think the Nendo chairs are actually meant for sitting on… but HAY’s Spider Woman chair would be a good alternative and/or adding in a Zebra Cowhide Cube from Design Within Reach.

the variation

Update: Making Waves (a newly discovered FLOR carpet tile) is one more variation to through into the mix. I’d probably do Pink or Earthen – or a mix of the two.

December 7’s daily design idea is boldly feminine colors are a great way to warm up a tubular steel look.

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Vienna Design Week 2010: Helmut Palla’s Take A Seat Show

Re-blogged from Core77.
Written by Jessica Charlesworth.
Originally posted October 6, 2010.
©2010 Core77, Inc.

helmut palla_space.jpg


“The majority of the events and exhibitions on show here in Vienna during its design week are set in beautifully historic buildings that have been designed in the 19th or early 20th century by…

>> lots more after the jump

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Chairs made of suitcases, slides, waterskis, and more.

Want to make a statement in your seating area? These repurposed designs are aesthetically engaging and environmentally friendly:

couch by Matali Crasset (who also designed the quand Jim se relaxe set); chair by Evan Dublin

pallet chair by Gas and Air Studios

photos from dezeen, inhabitots, HubPages, and inhabitat

July 30′s daily design idea is what item could you repurpose as a chair?

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Keeping it in the (furniture) family.

Thinking of using an eco-friendly approach to furnishing your home? Here’s some inspiration: all of the following projects use elements from old furniture.

Isabel Quiroga brings Louise Nevelson-inspired aesthetics to home storage with Storyteller.

Matt Carr’s “Biblioteca Bookshelf,” available for $725 from Umbra; Thomas Wold’s custom “Fractured Fairy Tales” display unit.

HealthWorks’ adorably named “Chenches“; two pieces from the “Madame Rubens” collection by Frank Willems, who uses discarded matresses in his chair designs.

Retro Clock Table available (in the UK) from IC Innovations; Ubico’s Lennard cabinet, made with only recycled materials.

June 30′s daily design idea is one way to give your home a new look is to give your old furniture new life.

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I love the (actual) lines in this piece!

I love that these two designs call attention to their lines. Lines as in actual structural lines. Not lines as in overall form.

LA and NY tables by Faktura.

Quand Jim se relaxe (when Jim relaxes) chair and footrest by Matali Crasset.
Photo by Fred Dumur.

June 11′s daily design idea is it can be fun to expose the (thought) structure that goes into a piece of furniture. With the two designs above, for example, it’s very likely that they all started out as lines on a page.

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