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For people who like to see red.

Red is easily my favorite color, so it goes without saying that I’m wild for the following designs…

For people who think big: the LUNA supercouch by Claesson Koivisto Rune

For people who have classic taste with a twist: Haydon Studio’s Lounger

For people who dig the French and/or transit: pedestrian bridge for La Roche-sur-Yon by Bernard Tschumi and Hugh Dutton Associates

For people who got a kick out of my clocks post: the Petal Red Bamboo Modern Wall Clock and the Red Burst Clock

November 21’s daily design idea is I love red for its boldness, its warmth, and (when used best) its restrained dynamism.


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I have a designer crush on Jonas Butenbruch.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Jonas Butenbruch, but two projects later and I’m sold.

According to Butenbruch’s Behance portfolio, the Germany-based designer specializes in art direction, graphic design, and print design. The first of two projects that really caught my eye is DONE, a “personal daily design workout for 2008.” Butenbruch’s promise was simple: “Every day I will flex my design skills by creating one piece in 30 to 60 minutes.” The results include everything “from scrap and sketches to photos, typographic experiments and random creative masturbation.” DONE also includes 12 end-of-month recaps on how his time was spent.

January 8th and February 11th from Butenbruch’s DONE

February 22nd and February 29th from Butenbruch’s DONE

The other project that I can’t get over is a current one, also daily in process, that is surprisingly engaging for its simplicity. Titled Welche Farbe haben wir heute? (or “The Color Spectrum of 2010”), which translates to “Which color have we today?,” the project’s website is quite literally one color per day.

10 November and the full year of colors, both from Butenbruch’s The Color Spectrum of 2010

November 10’s daily design idea is be more like Jonas: get committed and embrace color.

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Color. Color Space City.

Re-blogged from anArchitecture.
Written by Christoph Wassmann.
Originally posted October 25, 2010.

Epochenfächer – by Haus der Farben

“The Swiss “Haus der Farbe” developed, in 2005, the color atlas “Farbraum Stadt” of Zurich (color-space-city), a research project supported by the Minister of Regional Planning. It is a comprehensive compendium and analysis of urban color spaces of Zurich. The work consists of a map with 96 color portraits, the book, and the epoch color-guide (Epochenfächer). It guides the reader through the color history of Zurich from 1900 to 2010 – it is the color portrait of Zurich. Shouldn’t every city have a color-guide?”

color portrait of Augustinergasse, Zurich

>> October 26’s daily design idea is forget vodka, how would you represent your city through color?

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Hotels that give you a taste of the rainbow.

Here at Daily Design Idea, we really love designers who embrace color, so it’s no surprise that the following hotel designs have caught our attention:

First, via We Heart (May 25, 2010):

A new hotel design by dutch firm WAM architecten is, for better or worse, celebrating the city of Zaandam’s “iconic green wooden houses” through their “fantastically unique design for Inntel Hotels‘ new property,” located just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Wilfried van Winden, the project’s lead designer, “has created a truly unique structure by creating the illusion that various examples of [Zaandam’s] traditional houses, ranging from a notary’s residence to a worker’s cottage, are randomly stacked upon one another.”

Second, via Apartment Therapy (May 19, 2010):

“If a trip to Brussels in in your future you can now stay at a new hotel from the company that is all about celebrating color, Pantone… Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert, each of the hotel’s seven floors are enlightened by different color palettes to complement guests’ emotions with distinctive hues – whether vivid or subdued.”

July 21′s daily design idea is is hotel design a particularly good field for color experimentation? While I’m not sure if I would want to live permanently in either of these environments, it would be a fun vacation from the semi-neutral color palette I have at home.

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Color-based games for the color-impaired.

Estimates usually hover around 5-10% when it comes to how many people in the world are currently colorblind. That’s actually a fairly significant chunk of the population, and luckily some game designers get that (though apparently not the developers for Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis).

I happen to know two games that are highly reliant on color that also include colorblind settings for most platforms: Flood-It by LabPixies and Peggle by gaming top dog Pop-Cap. What’s even better is that they’re both super fun games, whether you’re colorblind or not!

screen captures from Flood-It 2 for iPhone, in standard and colorblind modes

Wondering what your video game or other online design will look like to someone who’s colorblind? Chrometric software is a free download that will show you.

July 7’s daily design idea is when working in visual media, remember that not everyone sees the same way that you do.

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Painting the town red, orange, purple…

Two really interesting projects have recently caught our attention (both visually and otherwise):

First, via Favela Painting:

“The initial idea of the Favela Painting project has always been to paint an entire hillside favela in the center of Rio [de Janeiro], visible to all inhabitants and visitors.”

Second, via the Let’s Colour Project:

“Starting in March 2010, The Let’s Colour Project brought colour to:

The streets of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where we added colour to homes and a hotel lobby with the local community. It will not only be appreciated by the residents but also the numerous visitors to the famous Lapa stairs.

A council estate in Aulnay-sous-bois, Paris, France. Since the 2005 riots this area has been in constant improvement and development, so it was the perfect area to bring some colour to the regeneration project that was already underway. The Let’s Colour Project had such an impact that it encouraged the local residents to host their own painting event in addition to ours.

Virginia primary school in Tower Hamlets, London, UK. Together with the parents, teachers and children we transformed the school’s playground, hall and a classroom with vivid colour. It injected enthusiasm and joy into everyone, particularly the children who helped us document the painting.

A community square, school and main road of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Known as the blue city, we painted in shades of blue, purple and pink leaving this already vibrant city a little more colourful.”

Whether or not you believe the Let’s Colour Project is a good idea, the video that they’re using to promote it is absolutely incredible.

June 29′s daily design idea is color can activate a community in more than a visual way.

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Name that color.

via Core77 (May 10, 2010):

“You can’t own colors, but you can darn sure own the numbers people use to refer to colors. Since the ’60s Pantone has made a tidy business doing just that, and today they launch the Pantone Plus Series, an updated replacement for the Pantone Matching System. The Plus Series “supercharges [the Matching System] with a host of new features, colors and digital tools,” including a sexy iPad app.

“…What I’d like to see in the future: Pantone coming up with a numerical system to quantify human emotion. We’d see police reports stating “suspect indicates he was feeling Rage 264,” your spouse could tell you she’s feeling a 20% Grey Sadness, or on your birthday you could say “This is the best gift ever, I feel total Joy 5717-C!”

June 12’s daily design idea is there are a million ways to describe a color; what’s your preferred method?

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