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Design Exercise: Sparkling Chair

After seeing Marcel Wanders‘ Sparkling Chair for Magis on Dezeen, I instantly thought it was super clever and cute. I also instantly started thinking about what other items I would pair with it… and here’s what I came up with:

Clockwise from bottom left:
1. Pietro Chiesa’s Fontana Table series
2. Richard Hutton’s Dandelion Floor Lamp
3. Marcel Wanders‘ Sparkling Chair
4. Ivory Rug with Textured Circles from Domestic Modern
5. Rain Mirror by Ironies

December 8’s daily design idea is furniture can sometimes be the best source of inspiration for other furniture. It was sort of fun to think of an interior in this way. Maybe I’ll tackle the Shanghai Togo next?


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For people who like to work in yellow.

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving week! This one coming up is always one of the more busy work weeks, in my experience… so here are some photos of Urban Station, a super well-designed public workspace in Buenos Aires (discovered via Dezeen). Urban Station was designed by the BA office of Total Tool.

All photos by Sergio Esmoris

If I was only working for myself, this is pretty close to what my ideal workspace would be. November 29’s daily design idea is what’s yours?

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Sunflower Seeds 2010 by Ai Weiwei

Re-blogged from dezeen.
Written by Rose Etherington.
Originally posted October 11, 2010.
Copyright © Dezeen Limited 2006-2010

Sunflower Seeds 2010 by Ai Weiwei

“Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has covered the floor of the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London with more than 100 million individually handmade replica sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds 2010 by Ai Weiwei

>> more stunning photos after the jump

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Geographically-based bookcases.

Inspired by Smånsk‘s design for Vagabond’s new travel book store in Stockholm (pictured left / photo by Carl Kleiner; discovered thanks to Dezeen), graphic designer/metal manipulator extraordinaire Ross Connard and I have been collaborating on a design of our own.

I’ve been calling it the Stuyvesant Street Bookcase, named after the street where I first met Quentin Regos, but that’s only a working title. In fact, any benefactor who wishes to back the fabrication of this design can have it named after them!

Below is some of the preliminary project work:

initial concept by Gisela Garrett

physical mock-up and construction method analysis by Ross Connard

July 25′s daily design idea is the physical settings of memorable moments are worth celebrating. Why not celebrate with a piece of design work?

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Extreme concrete.

According to Wikipedia, “concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world.” If you’re like us at Daily Design Idea, then you probably could have guessed that. But I bet you also couldn’t have imagined how such everyday material has inspired the following three ingenious ideas:

via Dezeen (November 27, 2009):

“UK company Concrete Canvas have been awarded Material of the Year 2009 by materials consultancy Material ConneXion for their cement-impregnated fabric.”

I have yet to see it in person, but this material is one of the most interesting ones I’ve heard about in a long time. I’m especially intrigued by its uses for “rapidly deployable hardened shelters.”

via Greenopolis (March 29, 2010):

“UK company Affresol offers a truly novel building material called Thermo Poly Rock (TPR), which is… stronger than concrete, waterproof, fire retardant, and can be used to build low-cost modular housing. Each house built with TPR panels will save an average of 18 tons of waste material from being disposed of in landfills.”

I love that this material is innovative, environmentally responsible, and extremely practical. But more than anything, I love that “Affresol houses are specifically aimed at providing spacious, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom quality homes for lower income families.”

via Dezeen (March 18, 2010):

“Dutch designers Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen have designed a collection of furniture that looks inflated but is actually made of cast concrete.”

In a press release for a show at the Industry Gallery in DC, which featured this collection, the designers talked a bit about their process: “The original idea was to work with big rubber molds to create a soft appearance,” said Veenhuizen.  Remy added, “We reduced the size of the works to make them more manageable. Then, as we experimented with the concrete, we became interested in the amount of pressure the concrete put on the molds, and how the end result made that pressure permanently visible.”

June 23’s daily design idea is think outside the box, the tradition, the expectations, and the mold.

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Impractical but stunning design.

I usually think about design in terms of beautiful but practical solutions, but sometimes my thoughts seem almost exclusively driven by aesthetics (or, on the flip side, exclusively by technical functions). A lot of light isn’t great for books, so I don’t think I’d use it in one of my designs, but the staircase in House Antero de Quental by architect Manuel Maia Gomes is still amazingly gorgeous:

photo by Fernando Guerra

More photos of the house, plus other really beautiful work, can be seen on Dezeen.

March 24’s daily design idea is where do you fall in the never-ending debate of form vs. function?

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