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Goals and reflection.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, then you already know that I’m a major supporter of documentation. It’s good for your portfolio, it’s good for predicting or explaining value, and it’s also good for yourself. Just ask Nicholas Felton, the whose been creating annual reports (famously) since 2005.

photo via

Last month Mashable reported on the growing trend of people tracking their individual data, for example Dan Meyer, who says: “It just speaks to the natural tendency to introspect, look inward… I do it for the same reason people journal or blog about their lives.”

While by no means a full-fledged graphical report, here are a few interesting stats about the past two years on Daily Design Idea (all gathered through WordPress’ own “My Stats” tool):

51,824 All Time Views
50 All Time Average (Mean) Views Per Day
160 2012 Average (Mean) Views Per Day
916 Views on the Busiest Day (thanks in great part to a retweet by Design Milk about this post)

Top 3 Search Terms leading searchers to the blog:
architect (6,904 times)
street art (3,617 times)
Paula Scher (500 times)

Beyond the home page, Top 3 Pages visited:
the post What does an architect look like? (9,163 times)
the post Fantastic photographic reenactments (2 of 2). (1,341 times)
the post A challenge from Paula Scher. (1,275 times)

So what does this mean going forward? I definitely plan to use Twitter more consistently and finally do a long-awaited update to the Paula Scher-inspired tshirt designs. I’m also hoping to publish more interviews (get ready for some great insight from Nate Poel), bring in more guest writers, and live Tweet more events.

March 28’s daily design idea is document your progress (and plan for more of it in the future!) and you’ll be that much more likely to make – and achieve – great goals.


March 28, 2012 at 5:16 pm 2 comments

Stories about the value of process.

I just listed to a really enjoyable DO lecture by graphic designer (and now writer) Frank Chimero. I definitely recommend watching it, as well as perusing the rest of the DO talks (as I’ll be doing).

Frank Chimero’s “lesson plan” slide from a 2009 lecture to Portland State University’s design department. via My Modern Metropolis

The title inspiration for the DO lecture was a quote from David Chang, head chef and owner of Momofuku, who was stopping a sous chef from trying to cut a corner. The quote resonated with Chimero because he had been beating himself up about how long and difficult the process had become for writing his new book, but has since embraced that working through this laborious process may be the most valueable part of the experience (both for himself and for his eventual readers).

February 28’s daily design idea is Chang’s quote and the title Chimero’s DO lecture: “We don’t work like that here. We do things the long, hard, stupid way.

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Poor little trees.

In the spirit of avoiding climate change and protecting nature, here’s a graphic design by Steven Burke (discovered on Graphic Safari):

March 5’s daily design idea is the activist’s intention and the action’s context are key factors in determining whether or not an action is activist or not (in my opinion). But the presence of an audience might be just as important. In other words, if an activist action happens and no one is around to witness it, does it make an impact?

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Why we get up in the morning.

February 16’s daily design idea is another quote from Ben Hammersley’s talk at Lift 11, because I really enjoyed it that much:


“Our primary problem isn’t to encourage innovation,
because people are going to innovate anyway.

Because it’s fun.

It’s why you get up in the morning.”

And just for kicks: here’s a great illustration, Innovation Nation, by playful graphic designer Alberto Antoniazzi (created for the Threadless Loves Innovation contest).

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People, places, things, and alphabets.

Three fun alphabets (and, in one case, a set of numbers) made up of other objects:

Console Font, by Varun Vachhar

Furniture Font Print (photographed not photoshopped!), by the Butler Brothers, discovered via Share Some Candy

Nike Running Club Alphabet, by I Love Dust, discovered via Quipsologies

December 5’s daily design idea is alternate forms are everywhere.

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Ground Up breaks it down.

Three spunky women in Brooklyn recently started an interdisciplinary design studio called Ground Up Designers. They are Lana Zellner [Architectural Designer], Kristen Svorka [Interior Designer], and Tayef Farrar [Multimedia-Graphic Designer], and they have a genius way of breaking down their wide variety of services that really supports their process and overall style:

“Tags” identify specific design services, while “Tag Packages” allow you to mix and match them for your own project. It’s such a straightforward and client-friendly way of approaching project development and defining the scope of work, which I really admire.

Ground Up‘s ideal client is an independent business owner who needs “attractive, unique and fully functional spaces, as well as one-of-a-kind, comprehensive brand identities.” But as you can see above, they’ll tackle almost any (small-ish) project. I’m sold! Ladies – definitely let me know if you’re ever interested in doing a 3×3 Interview.

November 20’s daily design idea is descriptive labels are great, as long as they don’t stop you from being versatile.

November 20, 2010 at 10:22 am 1 comment

I have a designer crush on Jonas Butenbruch.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Jonas Butenbruch, but two projects later and I’m sold.

According to Butenbruch’s Behance portfolio, the Germany-based designer specializes in art direction, graphic design, and print design. The first of two projects that really caught my eye is DONE, a “personal daily design workout for 2008.” Butenbruch’s promise was simple: “Every day I will flex my design skills by creating one piece in 30 to 60 minutes.” The results include everything “from scrap and sketches to photos, typographic experiments and random creative masturbation.” DONE also includes 12 end-of-month recaps on how his time was spent.

January 8th and February 11th from Butenbruch’s DONE

February 22nd and February 29th from Butenbruch’s DONE

The other project that I can’t get over is a current one, also daily in process, that is surprisingly engaging for its simplicity. Titled Welche Farbe haben wir heute? (or “The Color Spectrum of 2010”), which translates to “Which color have we today?,” the project’s website is quite literally one color per day.

10 November and the full year of colors, both from Butenbruch’s The Color Spectrum of 2010

November 10’s daily design idea is be more like Jonas: get committed and embrace color.

November 10, 2010 at 8:07 pm 1 comment

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