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Career development book clubs?

I recently found myself wondering if career development book clubs exist, because I read almost exclusively for professional and/or educational reasons. Even though there are some novels that are very dear to my heart (for example: The Life of Pi), movies have really become my primary source of fictional entertainment instead.

I have also recently become increasingly interested in urban planning and community development, as opposed to architecture and other spatial design (both of which recur throughout my educational and professional pasts). Which is why I’m considering getting my hands on the following six books:

Clockwise, from top left: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte, Asset Building & Community Development by Gary Paul Green and Anna Haines, Grid/Street/Place: Essential Elements of Sustainable Urban Districts by Nathan Cherry, The Architecture of Community by Léon Krier, Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture by Bernard Rudofsky, and The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch.

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Or tips on how to find (or start!) a career development book club?

February 17’s daily design idea is there’s no need to constantly reinvent the wheel; the best ideas often come from new syntheses of existing ideas.


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Thinking as a special skill.

I was once teased by a former boss that the only thing I was trained to do in college was think. Fresh out of undergrad, I was horrified that he had found me out… I mean I wasn’t even quick at CAD. In retrospect, I should have flipped his comment into a compliment, since I now confidently believe that my thinking powers are pretty killer and actually worth a lot (financially and otherwise).

There continue to be many times, however, when others don’t agree that thinking is as valuable as other Special Skills on a resume, which is why this business card (via Web Design Mash) made me crack a smile:

November 13’s daily design idea is believe in the value of your thoughts (and ideas)! We can’t offer you a salary, Roger, but feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to guest post. Your idea got you noticed by us.

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Sense vs. Nonsense

Re-blogged from Swiss Miss.
Written by Tina Roth Eisenberg.
Originally posted October 18, 2010.
Copyright © 2005–2010 Tina Roth Eisenberg.

“This semi-sort-of-comic called “Sense vs Nonsense” or “How to Have an Idea” by Frank Chimero had me chuckle.

(via @dsgn)”

>> October 18’s daily design idea is “the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of them!”

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Buses, burbs, and ideas. Oh my!

Last month the mayor of London announced the arrival of a new iconic bus design. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick with the Wright Group, this is the “cleanest, greenest, red bus” that London’s ever seen. Except that they did see another design about 18 months ago – several designs, in fact – when Transport for London held an ideas competition to remodel the classic Routemaster. One first prize winner (and a clear media favorite) was a collaborative design between Foster+Partners and Aston Martin. Besides being a little more James Bond in feel, the “Lord Foster” actually seems pretty similar the final product being produced.

Heatherwick Studio’s new bus for London.

Rendering of Foster+Partners’ winning design for the ideas competition.

Photo of a classic Routemaster by Wikimedia Commons user Oxyman.

Another ideas competition is currently being held on this side of the pond: Build a Better Burb sponsored by the Long Island Index. This competition is focused on revitalizing Long Island’s downtowns, and I’d like to hope that these ideas (like those for the Routemasters) could eventually inspire some real development in Long Island’s suburbs. FYI public voting for a “People’s Choice Award” begins July 6 for the Build a Better Burb competition.

June 7′s daily design idea is if all realized projects start with an idea, then shouldn’t ideas competitions be the perfect places for real life inspiration?

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