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“A simple pledge.”

If you’re involved in any kind of visual design work, you probably flinch at seeing full-blown uses of the Hobo, Comic Sans, or Papyrus typefaces. Even if you’re not a designer, they might still drive you nuts… especially when used for “notices” in the workplace (though apparently “excessive exclamation points” are ok, one reader facetiously pointed out).

Below is a great poster by Lure (with a detail of the signature line) that should give you a good laugh. Or, for $20, it will give you a great opportunity to make a point with your local font dilettante:

July 27′s daily design idea is words really can hurt – in more ways than one – if they are written in a poorly chosen font.

P.S. If this post has caused a mini typeface-selection crisis in your life, check out the So You Need A Typeface flowchart or the long, slightly outdated, but incredibly reliable “80 Beautiful Typefaces…” list from Smashing Magazine.


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