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Diversifying print.

There is currently a lot of discussion about the death of print, but my favorite moments in this conversation involve the re-use of these potentially ill-fated materials. For example: the exclusive Women’s Premium Print Pack by Nike, “a limited edition set of sneakers designed out of shredded magazines.”

discovered via Fast Company’s Co. Design (December 23, 2010); photos by Nike

Check out the Nike Mayfly if you’re liking this innovative approach to shoe design. And don’t miss Charles Kaisin’s Newspaper Extendable Bench if you’re looking for more inspiration on how to creatively recycle your print.

March 23’s daily design idea is how else can print creatively live on?


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“All the World’s a Page”

I recently discovered a really interesting shop called “All the World’s a Page” – which I’d like to share with you in honor of my extreme excitement about seeing the show “Sleep No More” tomorrow night.

All the World’s a Page’s wonderfully executed shtick is that they fit the whole of a narrative onto a single page. Their website kicks off with: “Once upon a time we asked ourselves a peculiar question: could you fit an entire literary work onto a single poster? Would it still be legible? What would it reveal about the hidden structures and rhythms of the text? And how impressed would our friends be if we tried it out? So we did and they were mighty impressed.”

The Tragedy of Macbeth. Two-colour offset (midnight black / blood red). Word count: 17,084. Typeset in 2.45pt Malaga. Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough.

Faust – Teil 1 & 2. Two-colour offset (poodle black / ginko green). Word count: 88,567. Typeset in 4pt Malaga. Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough.

Sleep No More” is a production by my all-time-favorite theater group Punchdrunk, with whom I fell in love when I saw their 2006 production of “Faust” at 21 Wapping Lane in London. The show I’m seeing tomorrow is here in New York, and (as you may have guessed) its roots are in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The biggest reason that I love Punchdrunk’s work is because they create an astonishingly full sense of traveling into the world of the story. You could say that they fit the whole of a narrative into a single building.

March 16’s daily design idea is what other physical forms can contain a literary world?

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Peters and Hansen ring in BBDO Minneapolis’ 80th.

BBDO Minneapolis recently celebrated 80 years, which puts there inception right in the middle of prohibition. To help the interactive ad agency celebrate, Allan Peters (art director/designer) and Eric Hansen (copywriter) put together a fantastic prohibition-themed suite of materials:

More images here. This fantastic collection of print discovered via designworklife.

December 16’s daily design idea is sass works!

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Maps as gifts.

Some great ideas for holiday gifts, discovered via 60 Grit Beard, all by These Are Things:

Brooklyn Neighborhoods Map, 18×24, $50.

World Map / Aqua, 20×30, $75.

Letterpress World Map, 12×18, $25.

Europe Map / Yellow, 18×24, $25.

All posters by These Are Things.

December 9’s daily design idea is some information graphics also make for great art.

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Time out for 2D.

While my own work is dominated by the built environment and other 3D media, my interest was recently piqued by the following 2D posters. Thanks to The Donut Project, The Best Part, Creative Review, and others for introducing me to these pieces.

Glass Half Fuller” (Ode to Buckminster Fuller), limited edition letterpress poster, by Lily Smith-Kirkley and Kim Cadmus Owens; “Oil & Water Do Not Mix,” limited edition poster screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster, project by Happiness Brussels and design by Anthony Burrill (all benefits go to CRCL)

Ensemble: The Style of Music,” limited edition print, designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House and illustrated by James Alexander; “Chicago-Style 1893,” limited edition screen printed poster, by Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League

Monster Friends Poster Series,” limited edition prints, by Familytree

November 7’s daily design idea is I wish I could design posters as well as I can lay out a room. Admiring the work of these awesome artists will have to do for now!

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“When life gives you volcanoes, make magazines.”

via GOOD (September 14, 2010):

“When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted last April, it created an ash cloud that disrupted air travel across Europe for days on end, leaving many travelers stranded in airports.

Andrew Losowsky was one such traveler. But Losowsky, a writer and editor, used the occasion for an information-age media experiment. Stranded in Dublin, he issued an open call to designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators get in touch and help him make a magazine, called Stranded, about being stranded by the volcano.

He got responses from more than 50 talented people he had never met; collected their submissions; and, with the help of the designer Matt McArthur, put together what he describes as an “88-page souvenir of a moment in time when a non-life-threatening crisis hit the world, one for which nobody was to blame, and nobody knew how long it would last.”

This week, he announced that Stranded is on sale, and shipping worldwide. It costs $18.95 and you can pick up a copy here. All proceeds are going to the International Rescue Committee.”

photo by David Karnå
3 Sept 2010
Stranded cover courtesy of publishers

September 15’s daily design idea is from Andrew Losowsky’s original open call: “If there’s one thing my ol’ ma taught me, it’s that when life gives you volcanoes, make magazines. And so we shall.”

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Bingo: Fine Print

“Bingo” posts are based on  writer’s block bingo, where you “find a book closest to you, open the book, find an arbitrary sentence, and start writing about this sentence.”

The Little Book of Calm

Small print is custom-designed to induce frustration.

Daily Design Idea
Different sizes of text are often considered on a scale of perceived importance; larger tends to indicate “most important” while smaller communicates “less important.” July 2’s daily design idea is maybe text hierarchies should be based on a scale of user experience instead, from how much you like reading a certain style to how much it frustrates you to read it.

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