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“Passengers in all their commuting glory.”

While the quiet tedium of a daily commute and a massive travel-disrupting volcano may not seem to have much in common, it turns out they can both be catalysts for the creation of beautiful publications.

The Atlantic recently reported on the sketching project of British illustrator Steve Wilkin, which was really just a personal creative exercise until Wilkin decided to turn his work into a free limited-edition newspaper.

Image by Steve Wilkin

As Eric Jaffe of the Atlantic writes:

“For the past decade or so, Wilkin has used his hour-long commute on the 7:38 a.m. train from the town of Hebden Bridge toward the city of Preston to sketch his fellow passengers in all their commuting glory.

“Last month, with the help of a service called the Newspaper Club, Wilkin published some of the drawings in a free newspaper called, of course, “738.” (He also started a blog about the project.) He distributed the publication at the Hebden Bridge station; exhibited the drawings at the University of Central Lancashire, where he lectures in illustration; and even threw a modest ‘opening’ on the train.”

April 15’s daily design idea is inspiration is everywhere.


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“When life gives you volcanoes, make magazines.”

via GOOD (September 14, 2010):

“When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted last April, it created an ash cloud that disrupted air travel across Europe for days on end, leaving many travelers stranded in airports.

Andrew Losowsky was one such traveler. But Losowsky, a writer and editor, used the occasion for an information-age media experiment. Stranded in Dublin, he issued an open call to designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators get in touch and help him make a magazine, called Stranded, about being stranded by the volcano.

He got responses from more than 50 talented people he had never met; collected their submissions; and, with the help of the designer Matt McArthur, put together what he describes as an “88-page souvenir of a moment in time when a non-life-threatening crisis hit the world, one for which nobody was to blame, and nobody knew how long it would last.”

This week, he announced that Stranded is on sale, and shipping worldwide. It costs $18.95 and you can pick up a copy here. All proceeds are going to the International Rescue Committee.”

photo by David Karnå
3 Sept 2010
Stranded cover courtesy of publishers

September 15’s daily design idea is from Andrew Losowsky’s original open call: “If there’s one thing my ol’ ma taught me, it’s that when life gives you volcanoes, make magazines. And so we shall.”

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