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Replay: Re-blog Month

October 2010 was quite a busy month, so I relied on many other talented bloggers to provide daily design ideas. Before I say anything else, I want to sincerely thank the 31 fantastic blogs that helped me achieve this:

1. Rent.Food.Broke.
2. Daily Dose of Architecture
3. Desire to Inspire
4. UnBeige
5. Cool Hunting
6. Core77
7. Postgreen Homes Blog
8. Brand New
9. Design Squish
10. Axis Maps
11. dezeen
12. Design*Sponge
13. design work life
14. HOW blog
15. Other Oxford
16. in public space we trust
17. GOOD
18. Swiss Miss
19. Modish
20. Design Blahg
21. Ecohaven Project
22. The Donut Project
23. Steven Can Plan
24. Urban Omnibus
25. Streetsblog
26. anArchitecture
27. Ange Tran
28. Life Without Buildings
29. Eye blog
30. Brooklyn Theory
31. The Best Part

To all of you, thank you!! For the words, the images, and the inspiration. FYI: many of these blogs (along with a few others I’ve discovered along the way) now appear in the blogroll to the right.

image from Flickr user cutiepie company (who also has a great Etsy shop by the same name)

It’s also worth noting that the process of seeking out and curating these 31 posts also taught some things about the blog world (to which I am still fairly new). Namely:

a. Lots of blogs don’t have posts on the weekends. Clearly understandable, as many people have other stuff to do. Also possibly a habit that I might consider in the future…

b. Some blogs have really strict Terms of Use policies, which explicitly prohibit any kind of reproduction or sharing, even with attribution. This has caused me to wonder if I should even be quoting teeny little bits of their posts in the future (and also obviously led me to NOT re-blog their posts this month). Here’s to Creative Commons licensing!

c. Only one blogger out of this whole list was put off by my re-blogging. Luckily, I have not been asked to remove the post (though the offer still stands if you change your mind). Seems like people are generally pretty into their ideas being spread. Three cheers for sharing!

d. Googling “design blog” turns up a lot of specifically interior design-based blogs. Makes me wonder if (1) there are just more interior designers with search engine friendly websites than other types of designers, (2) the word “design” directly translates to “interior design” for a significant portion of the blogging community, or (3) something else all together?

e. Everyone links to each other, constantly. I was pretty amazed by how quickly certain ideas pop up all over the place (i.e. Jenny Odel’s Satellite Collection). It turns out quality work really can go viral.

November 1’s daily design idea is I learn best by doing. While admittedly risky, this method is almost always the most beneficial (in my case). Note that I can’t stress enough how much I support figuring out your own learning style.

smaller image above by Flickr user Temari 09


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Re-blogged from The Best Part.
Written by Jason Dean.
Originally posted October 31, 2010.

SOHO20 Gallery (a non-profit art space in NYC) are in the last week of fundraising for SAVOIR-FAIRE, their annual performance art series, and need all the help they can get to make it happen. Donations can be made through their kickstarter profile, so support the arts by giving what you can!

>> October 31’s daily design idea is funding is a wonderful (and much needed) form of participation.

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Stylin’, Union Square, NYC

Re-blogged from Brooklyn Theory.
Originally posted October 30, 2010.

Stylin’, Union Square, NYC

>> October 30’s daily design idea is which (co-)influencer came first, fashion or the built environment?

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Penguins with attitude.

Re-blogged from Eye blog.
Written by John L. Walters.
Originally posted October 29, 2010.
Copyright © 2010 Eye Magazine Ltd.

“Illustrative wrecks and rescues at the publisher’s New York office.

Despite its celebratory title and retro cover design, Penguin 75 is actually a book about contemporary book design, writes John L. Walters. Its editor, Paul Buckley – otherwise known as ‘VP Executive Creative Director’ at Penguin’s New York office – has chosen 75 wildly different book cover projects from the past decade (listed alphabetically by title), and presented them together with alternate covers and sketches, alongside short commentaries by the authors, art directors, editors, illustrators and photographers.

>> more insight (and photos) after the jump

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Call for Papers: Fugitive Geographies

Re-blogged from Life Without Buildings.
Written by Jimmy Stamp.
Originally posted October 28, 2010.
Copyright © 2007 Life Without Buildings.

From the unique perspective of the criminal fugitive, the built environment is both accomplice and obstacle – a mercurial landscape that offers concealment one moment and prevents escape the next.To be fugitive is to exist in a continuous present, where successful evasion depends on the ability to re-read and react to a shifting context. Fugitive Geographies is an investigation into this elusive and transitory condition where both subject and context exist in a precariously unstable state, where boundaries and borders are unclear, and where the criminal takes new agency over the environment. The symposium aims to bring together the efforts and ideas from the fields of architecture, art history, sociology, criminology, forensics, cartography, media studies, political science, psychology and history.

>> read about sample themes, the brains behind this, and submission guidelines after the jump

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Guerilla Playgrounds?

Re-blogged from Ange Tran.
Written by Ange Tran.
Originally posted October 27, 2010.

“I bike all over NYC and I feel that what I see most are fenced up empty lots and children. If I won the lotto I think I’d occupy the rest of my life with tearing down fences and building unsanctioned playgrounds over the city, even in places where they might be very small or very short lived.”

>> photo by Flickr user Janielle Beh; location unknown

>> October 27’s daily design idea is what would you do “if you had a million dollars and you didn’t have to work?

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Color. Color Space City.

Re-blogged from anArchitecture.
Written by Christoph Wassmann.
Originally posted October 25, 2010.

Epochenfächer – by Haus der Farben

“The Swiss “Haus der Farbe” developed, in 2005, the color atlas “Farbraum Stadt” of Zurich (color-space-city), a research project supported by the Minister of Regional Planning. It is a comprehensive compendium and analysis of urban color spaces of Zurich. The work consists of a map with 96 color portraits, the book, and the epoch color-guide (Epochenfächer). It guides the reader through the color history of Zurich from 1900 to 2010 – it is the color portrait of Zurich. Shouldn’t every city have a color-guide?”

color portrait of Augustinergasse, Zurich

>> October 26’s daily design idea is forget vodka, how would you represent your city through color?

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