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Thinking as a special skill.

I was once teased by a former boss that the only thing I was trained to do in college was think. Fresh out of undergrad, I was horrified that he had found me out… I mean I wasn’t even quick at CAD. In retrospect, I should have flipped his comment into a compliment, since I now confidently believe that my thinking powers are pretty killer and actually worth a lot (financially and otherwise).

There continue to be many times, however, when others don’t agree that thinking is as valuable as other Special Skills on a resume, which is why this business card (via Web Design Mash) made me crack a smile:

November 13’s daily design idea is believe in the value of your thoughts (and ideas)! We can’t offer you a salary, Roger, but feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to guest post. Your idea got you noticed by us.


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