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More art of waste.

Thanks to The Donut Project and – several via’s later – OK Great, I discovered a series of works called “Rouleaux” (Rolls) by French artist Anastassia Elias:

Zoo. Girafes, one of many pieces made from paper and toliet paper rolls, by Anastassia Elias

Who knew toilet paper rolls could become so beautiful? Beyond loving that she’s using a material that otherwise ends up in the trash, I’m in awe of Elias’ handwork and the gorgeous photography.

November 8’s daily design idea is what could you create from a toilet paper roll?


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Cutting down on plastic bags (and what do with the extras).

According to the Huffington Post, “American Samoa is going to make it illegal for stores to hand out plastic bags once a new law goes into effect early next year.” On top of that, Washington DC’s 5-cent bag tax already resulted in “an 82 percent reduction in the number of plastic bags and $150,000 for the city” in just one month.

The numerous upsides of switching to reusable bags are obvious. What do to with the extra plastic bags you may have laying around may not be. One solution? Take a cue from artists like Nils Völker, Joshua Allen Harris, and Michael Rakowitz.

installation view of Michael Rakowtiz’s paraSITE

September 3’s daily design idea is even eco-friendly lifestyle changes can result in waste, so why not go one step further and put that waste to use?

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Furniture of wreckage.

We’ve introduced you to furniture designed to minimize waste, a few projects made directly from waste, and some DIY furniture that you could make from your own waste.

Now the HOW blog has shown us that some designers, like Tomas Aracena and Nicolas Aracena (of LOSGOGO), are making furniture from wood that has survived natural disasters. LOSGOGO now has some beautiful pieces made from wood salvaged from the earthquake in Chile in February 2010, which reminds us of a similar, post-Katrina initiative in New Orleans called the Katrina Furniture Project.

Silla Diego by LOSGOGO

July 22′s daily design idea is great designs can be made from your own junk, the waste of others, and even the wreckage of natural disaster.

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Vanessa Chew, milk crates, furniture from waste, and more.

In honor of our 125th post (woohoo!), I thought I’d give you a little insight into how people discover this blog. Though search engines are by no means our biggest drivers of traffic, the search engine terms with which people end up finding us are pretty interesting and rather enlightening:

“vanessa chew” elemental form (Thanks, Vanessa and fans!) is in the lead: see Out of place and happening now (in Manhattan).

milk crates and crates, with a variety of words attached to them, also account for a solid chunk of finds: see Reconsidering the milk crate.

Searches like furniture from waste, how to make furniture from waste, “how to” “cardboard bookshelf” diy, and product new ideas for furniture from waste have definitely motivated us to write more posts like: Why not… make some furniture?, Furniture of waste., and  The art of (actual) waste.

July 18′s daily design idea is we want to know what ideas, problems, and solutions you’re searching for. Leave a comment or email us if there’s something you want help finding.

Learn more about images above at,, and
Thanks to Bret Thorn for the idea for this post.

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Furniture of waste.

I was so inspired by Re-worked‘s chair made of coffee grounds, that I started to do even more research into chairs made of waste products (and chairs that resulted in zero wasted materials). Here are three that really caught my eye:

Fox & Freeze‘s ff1 chair is “an indoor lounge chair made from 1 square sheet of synthetic felt.” Its entire structure comes only from careful folding and a few pieces of flax rope, but the chair is still impressively (and hilariously) strong. There’s also no excess/wasted felt (similar in spirit to Re-worked, who uses the cut offs from their recycled ash wood to make little bears).

Belgian designer Charles Kaisin also has some great recycling-based pieces with surprising strength. His innovative Newspaper Extendable Bench is made from old newspaper that is glued and compressed into a structural beehive-like grid. He’s also designed a version of the bench in plastic, with a stunning limited edition version at Mudam in Luxembourg.

At this year’s Milan Design Week, Emeco and Coca Cola launched the 111 Navy Chair, made of 111 recycled Coca Cola bottles. In the words of Emeco’s chairman Gregg Buchbinder “We’ve turned something you throw away into something you want and can keep for a long, long time.” Admirably, Coca Cola is the one that initiated the collaboration.

May 3′s daily design idea is look at what you’re sitting on, and try to figure out where those materials came from.

May 3, 2010 at 5:46 pm 5 comments

The art of (actual) waste.

After doing a little more research on the art of waste, I started finding more and more projects that are created from real waste in the world. The British non-profit Re-Worked is making chairs out of recycled coffee grounds. Seth Quest and Megan Heacock White just co-created the Recession Desk Lamp. And Luis Torres has been dubbed a Metrocartiste because of his beautiful use of recycled MetroCards.

April 1’s daily design idea is what could you make, right now, out of the waste in your current surroundings? I personally wish there was something I could do with all my duplicate receipts.

April 1, 2010 at 11:37 am 6 comments

The art of waste.

Lots of art is currently being made in the spirit of eco-friendliness. Lots of that art points out the wasteful qualities of contemporary culture, sometimes in a very condescending way. Fortunately, some artists are creating work that points out the waste without metaphorically sending us straight to our rooms. Two great projects that I recently came across are Chris Jordan’s series “Running the Numbers” and Katrin Borup’s “Heavy Metal,” from the Danish Crafts exhibit at Milan Design Week.

Chris Jordan’s “Oil Barrels” in the series “Running the Numbers”

According to Jordan, “This project visually examines [the] vast and bizarre measures of our society, in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs. Employing themes such as the near versus the far, and the one versus the many, I hope to raise some questions about the roles and responsibilities we each play as individuals in a collective that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible, and overwhelming.”

Katrin Borup’s “Heavy Metal”

According to Lisa Smith at Core77, Borup’s gold ring with an enormous rock in the place of a traditional gem “alludes to an important backstory—in order to produce an ounce of gold, a big chunk of mountain is removed and crushed.”

March 27th’s daily design idea is what excess is created by your everyday life? And how could you repurpose it as art?

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