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Design Exercise: Pink Zebra

At my day job, we’ve been doing a lot of research on interior furnishings this past month, so I’ve been subconsciously thinking a lot more about interior design and decoration than I normally would. In honor of this, I wanted to share a few conceptual combinations that I’ve been playing around with.

First up is Pink Zebra!

the inspiration

the combination

the components: La Lampe Gras (No. 214) by Holly Hunt, Strut Medium Table from Blu Dot, chair from Think Black Line by Nendo

On a side note, I don’t think the Nendo chairs are actually meant for sitting on… but HAY’s Spider Woman chair would be a good alternative and/or adding in a Zebra Cowhide Cube from Design Within Reach.

the variation

Update: Making Waves (a newly discovered FLOR carpet tile) is one more variation to through into the mix. I’d probably do Pink or Earthen – or a mix of the two.

December 7’s daily design idea is boldly feminine colors are a great way to warm up a tubular steel look.


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Stumped on side tables?

Natural, often reclaimed, stump-like side tables are popping up everywhere. I’m personally a big fan – but I also understand that when a mega-brand like West Elm comes out with a natural tree-stump side table, you may have your eyes open for something more eclectic. Here are some great examples:

adorable (and flat pack-able) Tree Stump Coffee Table by Because We Can ; ‘A One Piece Wooden Side Table’ by mystery designer John Swanson via re-nest

Holey Stump by THOUT available through Design Public; Lost & Found Stools by &made

September 18’s daily design idea is design trends that enter the mainstream don’t necessarily lose momentum in smaller markets.

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Keeping it in the (furniture) family.

Thinking of using an eco-friendly approach to furnishing your home? Here’s some inspiration: all of the following projects use elements from old furniture.

Isabel Quiroga brings Louise Nevelson-inspired aesthetics to home storage with Storyteller.

Matt Carr’s “Biblioteca Bookshelf,” available for $725 from Umbra; Thomas Wold’s custom “Fractured Fairy Tales” display unit.

HealthWorks’ adorably named “Chenches“; two pieces from the “Madame Rubens” collection by Frank Willems, who uses discarded matresses in his chair designs.

Retro Clock Table available (in the UK) from IC Innovations; Ubico’s Lennard cabinet, made with only recycled materials.

June 30′s daily design idea is one way to give your home a new look is to give your old furniture new life.

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I love the (actual) lines in this piece!

I love that these two designs call attention to their lines. Lines as in actual structural lines. Not lines as in overall form.

LA and NY tables by Faktura.

Quand Jim se relaxe (when Jim relaxes) chair and footrest by Matali Crasset.
Photo by Fred Dumur.

June 11′s daily design idea is it can be fun to expose the (thought) structure that goes into a piece of furniture. With the two designs above, for example, it’s very likely that they all started out as lines on a page.

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Why not… make some furniture?

Hopefully my recent posts on furniture have made you think about how you could create some pieces yourself, so here are some more inspirations for you to peruse (as if newspaper benches, Panda bear chairs, and milk crate chandeliers weren’t enough):

Pawel Grunert‘s SIE43 chair

Annie the shopping trolley chair; Balloona Side Table; a Cartonniste bookshelf

You should also check out this fantastic how-to article in Popular Mechanics, which breaks down how one girl used an old bike to make a snazzy, spinning coffee table. If you’re slightly hesitant to go for it alone and happen to be New York-based, you could also take a class called How to Make Crappy Stuff Awesome at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. And then maybe one day you too will be selling gorgeous tables for over 3,000 pounds.

May 5’s daily design idea is try using your junk to furnish your home. After all, good-looking recycled furniture doesn’t only have to be made for Milan Design Week.

May 5, 2010 at 11:13 pm 2 comments

Folding tables aren’t just for cards or TV dinners.

Swedish designers Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren got together after a recent experience with a New York City street map and created the most beautiful folding table that I have ever seen:

Grand Central Table

The table is a part of this year’s Milan Design Week, along with tons of other dream house-worthy pieces.

April 12’s daily design idea is which piece of furniture in your home would you like to make fold-able? And better yet, how would you do it?

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